Life’s Journey – Moving from Fear to Ego to Love

Our emotions are the prime drivers of our lives.  Whether it is success or happiness it is all driven by our prime state of mind or emotions.  What we feel today we create tomorrow.  These driving emotions are either fear, ego or love.  The main point to remember is that we are born as pure [...]

Forget your problems to overcome them

Our problems and immediate situations have a nagging habit of taking up all our energies. Many of us have a fighter mentality – a mentality of I need to learn to handle and fight my circumstances. This as I see it is a slippery slope and a never ending spiral where we get habituated to [...]

Self Love – Foundation for Universal Love!

Recently on my Facebook I asked people some simple questions about the concept of Self-Love. What is self love? What is its importance? If everyone followed it would world become a better place or worse? I was completely amazed at how difficult it was for people to talk about Self-Love without bringing the notions of [...]

Self Disclosure: Power to manifest your vision of life

Many of us believe in being secretive about many aspects of our lives and who we are as a person. This not only applies to information or facts about us but even more so our feelings, emotions and beliefs. Surely, it is understandable why we do it – it is based on negative experiences of the [...]

Trust: Importance and how to’s of trust

Trust is cornerstone of growth.  We humans vacillate between not trusting anyone when we are hurt to being overly trusting everyone who gives us love and support.  Knowing that trusting someone / others is important, it becomes important who we trust and how much.   How to choose and decide who to trust? Importance of trust Whether [...]

Let go of attachment, not your dreams and love

I have been hearing about the importance of “letting go” in many quotes and spiritual literature. At the same time I real life people only talk about “letting go” in the context of “moving on” after a relationship or something goes sour. I feel there is a huge disconnect in the power of the concept [...]

Can Anger be used in a Healthy or Constructive Manner?

Many of us believe that Anger is a necessary tool and can be used in a healthy or constructive manner or simply its just needed at times!  While it may be true in certain truly rare emergencies, in day to day life is a very dangerous emotion. 90% of times anger leads Dis-ease, false sense [...]

Find yourself – Love will find you

Lately, I have run into many friends seeking love and being frustrated with their situation. This seems to be in the air and all around us including on statuses on Facebook and questions like the following on Quora: I’m a nice girl. Why can’t I meet a nice guy and fall in love?  and I’m a nice [...]

Power of surrender

We as humans have gotten extremely conditioned to seek control, seek certainty and surety.  Whenever we have to do something we ask “How do I know this is right?”, “Will it work?”, “How do I know this will work?”, “What if I am wrong?” and so on. Recently, I was at a conference (Wisdom 2.0) [...]

Mastery of life: Sacred Time Buckets

How we spend our time and how we spend our emotional energy everyday makes up our life.  We let outside events and other peoples priorities take over our day and we lose our ability to create the awesome life we want for ourselves. We ourselves don’t manage how we spend our energy and time and [...]

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